Some More Fun Vacation Ideas

Great Vacation LocationToday I wanted to elaborate on yesterday’s post about some more really fun things to do while you’re on vacation, or stay-cation. That really means that it doesn’t matter if you’re away from home or not, you should treat yourself to some exquisite hotel experience style comforts! Don’t ya know?

One really cool thing you can do for some stay-cation action is to take a limo ride somewhere in your neighborhood. I like taking them when I can with family, and usually this is for “nicer” events but still nonetheless, it’s the fun times I’m after.

I remember one time we took a limo service in San Diego and it was so much fun.

There’s really a whole heck of a lot to do out there in San Diego. La Jolla really has a lot going on. I mean you can literally feed a baby seal *cries*. Isn’t that beautiful?

I tried to keep one… but that doesn’t go over well with the shuttle driver. But what can you really do? I think I need a dog.

There is a lot too offer out here, and when we took our San Diego limo service out for a spin, we were treated to the works – a fun time around town peering through tinted windows with champagne.

I love a good limo ride, and the limo services in San Diego adequately meet the demands for a vacation filled with lot’s of fun.

What makes for a good limo ride?

A. Great Service

B. Dope Rides

It’s really that simple in my opinion. And Limo San Diego, or San Diego Limousine (still not quite sure what the company name is, it’s kind of confusing how they have it set up) definitely provides.

It’s not your average limousine.. that I can vouch for…

The ease of service, the quality care, the genuineness of the company all of their intentions genuinely feel authentic. It’s so comforting to know that a limo company out there still cares about their customers and creating an atmosphere of authority (as far as their presence in San Diego is concerned).

We continued our San Diego Limo ride for the duration of the evening and just kept going because the prices were so low. The seats were very comfortable and the actual limousine was really cool. Like an action movie, but without so much of the action unfortunately.

But fortunately, we hooked up with these guys at San Diego Limousine who already knew all of the best spots to go in town and to really be able to enjoy yourself on a budget.

So that’s exactly what we did.

As we continued into the night, we drove to Coronado where there is lot’s of shopping and even more beautiful girls than one man knows what to do with.

I thought I would be meeting my wife there but I guess the night had other plans for us because we all ended up going to dinner instead before going back to our hotel room.

That was one great way to spend a night in San Diego.

Afterwards, we went to the beach and rented some of those really cool fly boards that have water jet propulsion. This is over in Mission Bay and it’s also very affordable. You can rent this water jet pack for fly boardunder two hundred dollars and split between five people that’s really not a large sum considering you will be flying on the water with only your body and a board.

If you’ve ever thought about doing this, I highly recommend it!

Check out the picture and see it in action for yourself!

Such a great way to spend a whole day on a vacation like you wouldn’t believe. If I lived here, I would go and do it again just for kicks on the weekend.

Between the limousines and great food on the weekends, and fly boarding when you can, San Diego really has a lot for every traveling enthusiast. This resort destination might be more on the “expensive” side, it is highly worth it and I recommend it with every essence of my being.