Wake Boarding

Ahhhh yeahhhhh,

it’s summer time and the vast quantity of fun awaits us all. But have you ever tried wake boarding?

Wake boarding, water skiing – these amazing and awesome water sports are right up there with fly boarding.  While fly boarding is a much newer sport, these two legacy sports are not far behind and still provide tons of fun to sport enthusiasts worldwide.

There are many different areas that you can enjoy this sport while on vacation at your favorite resorts, hotels, etc.

You can even go water skiing and wake boarding out on a lake pretty much anywhere the water is deep enough (8 foot being the minimal, but usually you’ll want a lot deeper water which isn’t hard to find because most lakes are deep enough).

Rivers are also a lot of fun for wake boarding and traversing the unknown.  Ahhh, how I love the outdoors.

Please weigh in and let me know your past experiences with wake boarding.

I would love to hear some fun and exciting things you’ve done out on the open water.

Any cool tricks that are worth sharing?  I would love to post your picture of water sporting activities for the summer season that is coming up quickly!

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