More About Us!

Have you read our about us page yet? That’s really going to give you the scoop on what we do and what our goal is here!

We’re not another hotel booking agency – nope. We don’t even own a hotel. So from this we can conclude that we’re not out to “try and get you” either, because we don’t have a physical location.

So what we really want to do is get together and collaborate on great ideas to have fun - while on vacation.

Get it?

So we’re you’re go to guide about fun ideas for things to do, and enjoy while on vacation at your favorite resorts and destinations! (No really, have you read that about page? It’s gnawing at me. You better have read it because I spent a lot of time making that pretty!)

Sorry, where was I…. Take a Local Tour!

Oh yes!

We are talking about fun ways to enjoy life both on vacation and even possibly in your back yard.

Who doesn’t love that?

Check out these local tours you can do too.

Can you say hello awesome cave exploring and river rafting? Man, what I would do for a taco and a river raft right now . . .

You don’t have to go to India to experience this kind of tantric magic either. Your local beach town will let you explore the ocean! Also, any river with a fish and a foot of water just became your new best friend!

Ya dig?

What I’m getting at is, you don’t need to own the world to have fun. It doesn’t have to be expensive, or “hard” to plan or figure out.

Just wing it and go with the flow and I’m sure you’ll end up having a great time with your friends whether you’re out on vacation or not!

Come back and write me after you do and let me know if I’m wrong, or an idiot, or just a rambling a hole. (God I hope not *tear*).

Well beautiful people, summer is coming and if you don’t have your swim suit body by now, you better get a meat carver because it’s going to be here before we know it!

And as you can probably tell, I am extremely excited and ready to go have a lot of fun this summer, get sun tanned / burned – what ever, it doesn’t matter to me as long as I’m having fun with people I love and – yeah, that’s about it!

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